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Symposium Series: Feminist Philosophy and Pornography

The third event of the symposium series on feminist philosophy organised by Mari Mikkola.
  • Wann 16.09.2013 13:30 bis 18.09.2013 19:00
  • Wo Unter den Linden 6, Raum 3059
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NANCY BAUER (Tufts University, US): What Philosophy Can’t Teach Us About Sexual Objectification

AMNERIS CHAPARRO (University of Essex, UK): Inegalitarian Pornography: Harm to Dignity

MATT DRABEK (University of Iowa, US): Gender Subordination and Pornography’s Authority

ANNE W. EATON (University of Illinois at Chicago, US): A Sex-Positive Antiporn Feminism

NICOLE HALL (University of Edinburgh, UK): ‘Sexiness’ and the Problem of Pornography

KATHARINE JENKINS (University of Sheffield, UK): What Are Women For? Pornography and Social Ontology

RAE LANGTON (University of Cambridge, UK & MIT, US):  Pornography and ‘Sex Positive’ Feminism

HANS MAES (University of Kent, UK):  Falling in Lust: On Sex Objects and Sexy Subjects

ISHANI MAITRA (University of Michigan, US): Revisiting the Authority Problem

MARY KATE MCGOWAN (Wellesley College, US): On How Pornography Can be Used to Enact Discrimination

EVANGELIA (LINA) PAPADAKI (University of Crete, Greece): Pornography: Objectification and Personification

NICOLE WYATT (University of Calgary, Canada): Naming and Refusing: Austinian approaches to MacKinnon on Silencing

ROBIN ZHENG (University of Michigan, US): A Case Against Racialized Sexual Preferences: Why Yellow Fever Isn’t Flattering


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Places are limited, so please register as early as possible.