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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Wissenschaftstheorie der Naturwissenschaften und Naturphilosophie

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Dr. Emanuel Viebahn


Email: first.last@hu-berlin.de

Further contact details below


Research Interests

Philosophy of language (esp. issues in semantics and pragmatics)

Ethics of communication (esp. lying and misleading) 

Metaphysics (esp. philosophy of time)

History of analytic philosophy


Research network: The semantics and metasemantics of context-sensitive language

I'm a coordinator of a DFG-funded research network (“Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk”) on the semantics and metasemantics of context-sensitive language.

Further information is available here:



Career and Education


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Lecturer) in Philosophy, Humboldt University of Berlin



D.Phil. in Philosophy, New College, University of Oxford

Supervisor: Cian Dorr 

Thesis: Semantic Pluralism (submitted December 2014; defended March 2015)

Examiners: Ofra Magidor and Herman Cappelen



Visiting student at the Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI), Stanford University, (March-May) and at Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris (September-December)



David Wiggins Scholar, New College, University of Oxford



B.Phil. in Philosophy, Merton College, University of Oxford



B.A. in Philosophy and German Literature, Humboldt University of Berlin


Forthcoming: Semantic Pluralism. Forthcoming in the series "Studies in Theoretical Philosophy", Vittorio Klostermann, Frankfurt am Main.

Forthcoming: Einführung in die Sprachphilosophie. Introduction to the philosophy of language, forthcoming with Metzler Verlag, Stuttgart.



2017: Non-literal lies. Erkenntnis: Online First. 

2016: How many meanings for 'may'? The case for modal polysemyPhilosophers' Imprint 16 (with Barbara Vetter)

2013: Against context-sensitivity testsGrazer Philosophische Studien 88: 189-209.

2013: Counting StagesAustralasian Journal of Philosophy 91: 311-324. 



Selected talks


2017: TBA, New College of the Humanities, London, November 29


2017: "In defence of the presentism-eternalism debate", Kongress der DGPhil, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, September 24-27*


2017: "The pragmatics of lying", Symposium at the ESPP Conference, University of Hertfordshire, August 14-18*


2017: "Asserting, presupposing and lying", Conference on Topics at the Intersection of Philosophy and Linguistics, University of Zurich, June 5-7*


2017: "Behaupten, Präsupponieren und Lügen", Oberseminar Theoretische Philosophie, Universität Göttingen, May 19


2017: "Selecting Meanings", Workshop: What context can and cannot do, Hamburg, April


2016: "What, if anything, is wrong with non-propositional semantics?" Zurich Early Career Postdoc Workshop in Theoretical Philosophy, July 1-3*


2016: "Was ist eine Lüge?" Institutskolloqium, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, June 8


2016: "From Intentionalism to Pluralism: On the semantics and metasemantics of demonstratives", Workshop on Conceptual Thought and Linguistic Communication,  Salzburg, May 19-20*


2015: "On Permanentism", Workshop on New Developments in the Philosophy of Time, Bonn, December


2015: "Ambiguity and Zeugma", GAP 9 Conference, Osnabrück, September*


2014: "Zur Rolle des Kontexts in Semantik und Metasemantik", Mittelbaukolloquium, University Duisburg-Essen, May


2014: "How many meanings for 'may'? The case for modal polysemy" together with Barbara Vetter

1. Workshop Empirical Methods of Linguistics in Philosophy, Dortmund, March*

2. Logic, Grammar, and Meaning, Norwich, June*

3. Semantics and Philosophy in Europe 7, Berlin, June*


2013: "Invariantism about 'may' "

1. 2nd CRNAP Graduate Workshop, Oxford, June*

2. Workshop in Philosophy of Language and Linguistics, Dubrovnik, September


2013: Comments on Michael Devitt's "The fundamental layer of meaning", Big vs. Small Conference, Hamburg, July


2012: "Speaker intentions and semantic content"

1. GAP 8 Conference, Konstanz, September*

2. CPR Seminar, Institut Nicod, Paris, December


2012: "What's in a that-clause?" together with Patrick Butlin,

1. 1st CRNAP Graduate Workshop, Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris, July

2. 16th Annual BPPA Conference, Edinburgh, September*

3. 16th Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference, Oxford, November*


2012: "Semantics without intentions," 10th Annual Northwest Student Philosophy Conference, Western Washington University, Bellingham, May*


2011: "Semantik ohne Propositionen," Mittelbaukolloquium, University of Göttingen, December


2011: "Testing for context sensitivity: saying, agreeing and the distinction between semantic and communicated content," ILCLI International Workshop on Semantics, Pragmatics and Rhetoric, San Sebastian (Spain), November*


2011: "In defence of semantic modesty," together with Yuuki Ohta

1. Open Minds VI, Manchester, June*

2. Contexts, Perspectives and Relative Truth, Bonn, June*

3. Meaning, Context and Implicit Content, Cerisy (France), May/June*


2010: "How to count as a perdurantist," Ockham Society, Oxford, October


2010: "Vierdimensionalismus und die Paradoxa der Koinzidenz," Salzburger Tagung für Junge Analytische Philosophie, Salzburg, September*


* = refereed; others invited


Contact details


Email: first.last@hu-berlin.de

Phone: +49 30 2093-2556

Postal address:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Philosophie
Unter den Linden 6 
10099 Berlin


Office: Unter den Linden 6, Room 3042d