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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Practical Philosophy, Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy: Rahel Jaeggi

Eva von Redecker, Dr. des.

Eva von Redecker works at the chair for practical philosophy (social philosophy and the philosophy of law; Prof. Rahel Jaeggi) at Humboldt University Berlin.

Her research interests are situated at the intersection of critical theory and social philosophy with a particular focus on (post)structuralist and feminist approaches. Her primary topics are:

  • history, revolution and social change
  • social theory (esp. notions of practice, structure and power)
  • gender and sexuality; needs, care; feminist utopias and relationalities.
  • property and propertization

Eva has authored an introduction to the work of Judith Butler and a monography on Hannah Arendt's moral philosophy.

In her PhD she developed a theory of revolution as processual, interstitial transformation (entitled: "Metalepsis and Revolution. A performative practice theory of social change").

Eva studied Philosophy, History and Literature in Kiel, Tübingen, Cambridge, and Potsdam.


contact details: 


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Philosophie
Unter den Linden 6 (R 3042c)
10099 Berlin

0049 (0)30 2093 2529


In fall semester 2015 Eva serves as Heuss Lecturer at the New School for Social Reserach in New York.


Global Justice and Desire. Queering the Economy is out!! In the opening chapter, you can read the text which has started to travel under the shorthand "butch communism".


Aurélie Herbelot wrote a nice blog-entry on how the characteristic attributes of philosopers are gendered, as shown by our analysis of large linguistic corpora.