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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Practical Philosophy/Ethics

Hannah Altehenger

Hannah Altehenger

E-Mail: hannah.altehenger [at] hu-berlin.de
Unter den Linden 6, room 3013

Phone: +49 30 2093-2850


Since 04/2017: lecturer for theoretical and practical philosophy at Bielefeld University


Research Interests

Philosophy of action and moral psychology (especially weakness of will and self-control), current metaethics.


Studied Philosophy and History at Bielefeld University and at the École Normale Supérieure (Paris). M.A. in philosophy at Bielefeld University (2012). Since 2012: PhD Student in Philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin (supervised by Prof. Thomas Schmidt). Reasearch stays at the CSMN, Oslo (September to October 2014 & August to September 2015) and at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (January to May 2015 & February to May 2016). PhD scholarship by the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes).


“Willenskraft und variierende praktische Motivation: Ein Problem für die Theorie des Geteilten Geistes” [“Willpower and Varying Practical Motivation: a Problem for the Divided Mind View”], in: Neil Roughley/Julius Schälike (ed.): Wollen: Seine Bedeutung, seine Grenzen, Paderborn: mentis 2016, pp. 251-266.

“Being Realistic about Reflective Equilibrium” (Critical Notice), Analysis (2015), doi: 10.1093/analys/anv005 altehenger.text.image1altehenger.text.image0 (with Simon Gaus and Andreas Leonhard Menges - preprint, print version).

“Michael Smiths Fetischismusvorwurf. Eine Verteidigung” [“Defending Michael Smith on Moral Fetishism”], in: Crossing Borders. Beiträge zum 9. Kongress der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Philosophie in Wien. Edited by Alfred Dunshirn, Elisabeth Nemeth und Gerhard Unterthurner, 2012, 489-500.


The Real Explanatory Advantages of the Divided Mind Account of Self-Control, PhD-Seminar of the CSMN, Oslo (09.09.2015)

Explanatory Deficiencies in Mele’s Account of Self-Control, PhD-Seminar of the CSMN, Oslo (08.10.2014) 

“Divided Mind Accounts of Self-Control and Motivation”, Workshop Weakness of Will: Historical Perspectives and Recent Research, Würzburg (11.01.2014)

“Failing to be resolute as a distinctive rational defect?”, 3rd Humboldt-Princeton Graduate Conference in Philosophy, Berlin (06.08.2013)

Kommentar zu Jack Woods: “Expressivism and Moore’s Paradox”, 2nd Humboldt-Princeton Graduate Conference in Philosophy, Berlin (08.08.2012)

“Why peer disagreement does not lead to widespread moral skepticism”, 2nd Humboldt-Princeton Graduate Conference in Philosophy, Berlin (08.08.2012)

Comment on Thomas Hoffmann: “Natürliche Güte. Die Form als Norm ihrer Exemplare” [“Natural Goodness. Form as Norm of its Specimen“], Workshop Formen des Naturalismus in der Ethik [Varieties of Naturalism in Ethics], Berlin (14.01.2012)

“Michael Smiths Fetischismusvorwurf: Eine Verteidigung“ [“Defending Michael Smith on Moral Fetishism“], 9. Kongress der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Philosophie [9th Congress of the Austrian Society for Philosophy], Vienna (04.06.2011)

PhD Project My dissertation deals with philosophical explanations of weakness of will and self-control. In particular, I examine the explanatory potential of accounts that divide the mind into motivational compartments in order to account for these phenomena.

Winter 2013/2014 “Is There a Duty to Obey the Law?” (undergraduate seminar, Humboldt University Berlin)

Summer 2013 “Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics” (undergraduate seminar, Humboldt University Berlin)

Winter 2011/2012 Teaching Assistant for Prof. Rüdiger Bittner, “Introduction to Practical Philosophy” (undergraduate seminar, Bielefeld University)

Summer 2011 Teaching Assistant for Prof. Martin Carrier, “Introduction to Theoretical Philosophy” (undergraduate seminar, Bielefeld University)