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Centre for Social Critique


The Humanities and Social Change Center at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin has a new name: Centre for Social Critique.


The name change was agreed upon by Humboldt University and The New Institute Foundation after the Foundation agreed to fund the Center for another five years until mid-2028.

The Centre for Social Critique at Humboldt University in Berlin is concerned with the crises of democracy and capitalism from both a contemporary-diagnostic and a philosophical-fundamental-theoretical perspective. The broad perspective aims not only at an understanding of the currently virulent crisis phenomena, but also at the systematic investigation of social pathologies and erosion phenomena. Thus, it is about the dynamics of social transformation processes in general. The fundamental focus is on the relationship between the economy, society and politics - and the potential moments of tension inherent in this relationship. The crisis of capitalism and the crisis of democracy then present themselves not least as a crisis in the relationship between capitalism and democracy, in the relationship between economic, social and political spheres in a functionally differentiated society.

For current program and event information, please visit Critical Theory Berlin.