Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Practical Philosophy, Social Philosophy & Center for Human Studies and Social Change - Rahel Jaeggi

BA, MA and PhD Supervision

Bachelor and Master Thesis // Letters of Recommendation


If you want to write your bachelor- or master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Jaeggi, please read the following information:


  • BA/MA Supervision and Appointments: Please book your appointment with Irene Orrigo by stating the topic of your inquiry. After booking and receiving a confirmation of your appointment, please send an abstract of your thesis to Prof. Rahel Jaeggi and cc Irene Orrigo not later than 10 days before the appointment. Be aware that abstracts received within shorter time frames might not be reviewed.
  • MA Participation at the Colloquium in Social Philosophy: Taking part in the weekly research colloquium for at least 2 semesters is mandatory for master students. The colloquium is not designed for BA-students. Requests to participation can be sent to Irene Orrigo.
  • BA/MA Oral Examination: After receiving the results of your written work from the Examination Office, please contact Irene Orrigo to arrange for an oral examination. Once fixing the date, kindly send Prof. Rahel Jaeggi and Irene Orrigo your position paper but not later than 2 days before the oral exam. During the exam, you will be asked to present your thesis from your position paper for about 10 minutes. This will be followed by a short Q&A discussion. A BA oral exam takes 20 minutes, a MA exams - 30 minutes.
  • BA/MA Recommendations: If you need a letter of support, confirmation or recommendation, please make sure that you have visited seminars at the Chair of social philosophy and that your project is linked to Prof. Jaeggi's research area. Please submit such a request to Prof. Rahel Jaeggi and cc Irene Orrigo not later than 14 days before your actual deadline.


PhD Thesis Supervision // Applying form abroad

Due to the high number of ongoing PhD supervisions, Prof. Jaeggi could engage in new ones only in case your project's topic coincides with her key research areas. A PhD written in English is generally acceptable but fluent German is an advantage (for text understanding and discussions). Please note that a PhD project at the Humboldt-University can be initiated only after having a master degree in Philosophy or the Social Sciences.

In order to consider your request in detail please send to Irene Orrigo a motivation email (what is your project about and why would you like to be supervised exactly by Prof. Jaeggi) together with a CV and some publication or a text of yours.

In addition, it might be helpful to know that the Department of Philosophy at the Humboldt-University does not offer any regular PhD programme. In order to initiate a PhD project at the HU, you have to have only the agreement of your host/supervisor. There are no academic fees but at the same time there are no special courses for PhD candidates except a weekly colloquium (e.g. at the Chair of Prof. Jaeggi). A PhD candidate usually works on his/her own and is invited once to present his/her project at the colloquium. Neither Prof. Jaeggi's Chair nor the Department could provide any financial support but the PhD candidates have to organise their funding for living by themselves, usually by applying to various foundations. The supervisor can support their applications with reference letters.


PhD Recommendations: If you need a letter of support, confirmation or recommendation, please submit such a request to Prof. Rahel Jaeggi and Irene Orrigo not later than 14 days before your actual deadline