Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of Philosophy

Erasmus+ Incoming Students


Important information for preparing and carrying out an ERASMUS stay at Humboldt University can be found on the homepage of the HU International Office.


Please pay attention to the following before and during your stay:


  • The application takes place between April 1st and May 31 (winter term) / between October 1st and November 30 (summer term) via the online application platform here. The application procedure includes an online language test. NB: Level B1 in German is generally mandatory since most courses are held in German. 
  • At the beginning of your stay, you need to prepare your Learning agreement and to have it approved by the responsible ERASMUS coordinator of your home university and by the ERASMUS incoming coordinator of the HU Institute for Philosophy (see below). You can get the form for the Learning agreement from the ERASMUS coordinator at your home university.
  • You choose your courses from the course schedule (navigation: choose "Semester," then "Vorlesungsverzeichnis," then "Philosophische Fakultät", and then "Institut für Philosophie"). Unless indicated otherwise in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis, you do not need to register for the courses. The division of courses into modules is not binding for you. Information about the different types of courses can be found in the B.A. / M.A. regulations. The course schedule is made available at the end of the preceding term time. Proseminars are available only to B.A. students. Hauptseminars are available to advanced B.A. and M.A. students. Übung classes are not available to Erasmus students. 
  • For active participation in a lecture, students get 2 ECTS points. For active participation in a Proseminar, students get 3 ECTS points. For active participation in a Hauptseminar, students get 4 ECTS points. Additionally, B.A. students get a further 4 ECTS points for a course paper after a Proseminar, a Hauptseminar or a lecture (ca. 30,000 characters). M.A. students get additional 8 ECTS points for a course paper after a Hauptseminar or a lecture (ca. 45,000 characters). The same assignment of ECTS points holds in case that you attend courses at the Freie Universität Berlin.
  • For the acknowledgement of your ECTS points at your home university, different rules may apply. Ask the ERASMUS coordinator of your home university for details.
  • Your course achievements are certificated by the teachers on the Modulbogen. Grades for term papers are registered here, too ("Studienleistung"). Here you can download the Modulbogen.
  • At the end of your stay, fill in the Transcript of records form and submit it together with the Modulbogen to the incoming coordinator. The coordinator will then complete the Transcript of records, which certificates your achievements for your home university. Here you can download the Transcript of record.
  • Please have the Transcript of records prepared in due time. If you receive course certificates only after the end of your stay - e.g. grades for term papers - you can submit them by post or email. In any case, submit the documents early enough before you have to present the Transcript of records to your home university. 
  • Exchange students hosted by other institutes at Humboldt may take seminars (not Übungen, and not Colloquia) only by permission of the individual instructors.  Registration on Agnes (e.g. as ÜWP) is not required. 
  • Office hours are by appointment only, and appointments will only be made if necessary to discuss questions that are not answered on this page or the relevant linked pages above.  If you have such a question, please send it by email first, and an appointment will be made if it cannot be easily answered by email.


ERASMUS coordinator for incoming students at the Department of Philosophy:

Dr. Victor Kempf
Mailing address: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Philosophie, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin
Office: Unter den Linden 6, room 3042c
Phone: +49 30 2093 2532
E mail: 
erasmus-incoming.philosophie (α)