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Major Current Projects:


Stephen Menn is currently revising a book-manuscript entitled The Aim and the Argument of Aristotle's Metaphysics (table of contents and current drafts available here) Furthermore he is worrking on a series of essays on medieval Arabic and Latin philosophers on the logical syntax of being and unity (which will ultimately form a book, Fârâbî's Kitâb al-urûf and the History of the Many Senses of Being), and (with Rachel Barney of the University of Toronto) revising a translation with introduction and notes of Simplicius’ commentary on Aristotle’s Physics I.1-2, for the series Ancient Commentators on Aristotle, edited by Richard Sorabji. More slowly, he is working, with Calvin Normore of UCLA, on a book to be called Nominalism and Realism, from Boethius to Hobbes, and revising a draft of a book called Feuerbach's Theorem: an Essay on Euclidean and Algebraic Geometry.


Selected Publications:


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