Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - JP Politische Philosophie und Umweltethik

PS Exploitation, Domination and Oppression

Oppression, exploitation and domination are concepts that are frequently used as tools for social critique. But what does it mean to be oppressed, exploited or dominated? What are the forces that create, perpetuate and reinforce oppression, exploitation or domination? Who are
the agents that oppress, exploit or dominate? And who should be held responsible for ending oppression, exploitation or domination? In this course we will discuss these questions and explore the philosophical basis of these three concepts, taking into account their manifestations in both explicit and implicit policies, practices and behaviours. We will analyze different conceptions of oppression, exploitation, and domination respectively, differentiate the concepts from each other, and work out areas where they overlap. The readings for the course will in particular draw on work in feminist theory, critical race theory and Marxist theory. The course will be held in English.