Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Theoretische Philosophie / Philosophiegeschichte

Workshop: "New directions in the metaphysics of modality"

  • Wann 16.01.2015 09:00 bis 17.01.2015 19:00
  • Wo UL 6, Raum 2249a
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Unter den Linden 6, room 2249a


Fri 16.1.2015

9.15               Introduction and welcome

9.30-11           Amie Lynn Thomasson (Miami): Norms and Necessity

11.30-13         John Maier (Cambridge/Peking): The Evaluative Dimension of Dispositionality (Abstract)

14.30-16         Jakob Schieder (Berlin): Meaning, reference, necessity.

                      How Meaning Explains Necessity (Abstract)

16.30-18         Richard Woodward (Hamburg): The Structure of Metaphysical Necessity


Sat 17.1.2015

9.30-11           Barbara Vetter (Berlin): Getting a grasp on metaphysical modality (Abstract)

11.30-13         Jennifer Wang (Stanford): Fundamentality and Modal Freedom (Abstract)

14.30-16         Thomas Müller (Konstanz): One thing, different modal profiles?

                      Toward a logic for non-reductive monism (Abstract)

16.30-18         Alastair Wilson (Birmingham): Emergent Contingency (Abstract)





Registration: The workshop is open to all, but we ask participants to register in advance by e-mailing