Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Philosophie

FU-KCL-HU Graduierendenworkshop

  • Wann 04.05.2018 00:00 bis 05.05.2018 23:59
  • Wo FU Berlin, Institut für Philosophie, Habelschwerdter Allee 30, Seminarraum 2
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May 4, 2018


10.00-11.20 Sergio De Souza Filho (KCL): The Dual Proposal of the Minimal Conditions for Intentionality

Comments by Richard Moore (HU)


11.40-13.00 Clemens Schlink (FU): Commitment Worth the Name?

Comments by Maike Albertzart (HU)


13.00-14.30 Lunch


14.30-15.50 Sami Nenno (HU): Perceiving Motion: A Process-Based Approach

Comments by Bill Brewer (KCL)


16.20-17.40 Keynote Lecture by Alexander Bird (KCL):

Fundamental Powers, Evolved Powers, and Mental Powers


19.00 Dinner



May 5, 2018


10.00-11.20 Harriet Fagenber (KCL): Conceptualising Mental Disorder Within the Confines of the RDoC

Comments by Sanja Dembic (HU)


11.40-13.00 Aline Dammel (FU): The Puzzle of Enlightened Relativists

Comments by Mark Textor (KCL)


13.00-14.30 Lunch


14.30-15.50 Berit Braun (HU): Deprivation Before Death

Comments by Alexander Bird (KCL)


16.20-17.40 Caspar Wilson (KCL): Austin's Alethic-Pluralism

Comments by Julia Zakkou (FU)


18.00-19.20 Keynote Lecture by Barbara Vetter (FU):

Evolved Powers, Artifact Powers, and Dispositional Powers