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Critical Theory Summer School

  • Wann 17.07.2017 12:00 bis 21.07.2017 13:00
  • Wo Humboldt-University of Berlin
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Ciritcal Theory Summer School


Starting from summer 2017, we at the Humboldt University Berlin, will organize a yearly international summer school in collaboration with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research.

Each of these summer schools will take up a topic which is central to Critical Theory, politically relevant and systematically promising. In addressing its themes, the summer school confronts the approaches specific to a Critical Theory of society in the Frankfurt School tradition with conceptually and methodologically different perspectives.

The format mixes elements of workshops with text-based, advanced seminars. Over the course of at least one week, young researchers, graduate students and senior scholars will jointly discuss new systematic perspectives and “classic” texts from the Critical Theory corpus. A series of public round-tables will channel and sharpen the preceding exchange.


So far, the following topics are in preparation:

- Progress, Regression and Social Change (July 2017)

- Ideology and Critique (July 2018)

- Social Unreason: Crises and Pathologies (2019)

- Critical Theories of Gender (Summer 2020)

- Social Theory and Political Economy (Summer 2021)


Application Deadline: March 15th: